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As part of our support for the Ugandan communities we work with, WE hosts an online merchandise store for the handmade goods made by our friends in Uganda.

We sell jewelry (paper bead necklaces, earrings and bracelets), beaded handbags and clutches, woven baskets, home accessories, and fabric Elephants of Hope.

The following is from the WE STAND website:

Behind every WE STAND product lies a story, and we have an opportunity to become part of that story. Similar to each product, each one of these stories is unique; filled with various dreams, personal struggles, and different faces. Here at WE International, we value the different talents and gifts that each designer brings, but there is one similarity we want each story to have: hope.

The purchase of a WE STAND product provides a designer with a chance to earn a living. These purchases help empower these individuals to send their children to school, provide food for their families, and expand their ability to earn a sustainable income to rise above poverty.

Join us in supporting this great cause!