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FAQ of Child Sponsorship

How much does it cost?

Sponsorship for primary and secondary students currently costs $38 per month.
Sponsorship for vocational or university students is $100 per month.

However, please not the cost of the program is likely to change after September 2017 as we are editing our WE Educate program.

Can I choose where to sponsor?

WE Educate operates in the African country of Uganda in Musima, Lingira, and Jinja. Alternatively, if you have a relationship with a school in a developing country, WE Educate will work with you to establish a program at that school.

How much of my money will go to my sponsored child?

We are currently editing our program in hopes to lower administrative costs. Please stay tuned for updated information on the cost and breakdown of sponsoring a child.

How long do I have to be a sponsor?

There is no minimum or maximum period. If, for whatever reason, you wish to stop sponsoring your child, just let us know in writing. We will work to find another donor to take over the costs of your sponsored child’s education.

Will you keep me in touch with how my child is doing in school?

Of course! You will receive an update twice a year about your child, one update from our Ugandan staff and one personal letter from your child. We will also make sure you receive our newsletter to keep you informed of our child sponsorship program and WE International’s work globally.

Can the cost of sponsorship rise?

If the cost of sponsorship should rise, we will give you plenty of notice. As of right now we are looking to lower the cost if possible.

May I write to the child we sponsor?

The children always like getting letters. We help with translations, where necessary. We do not make children reply to every letter or write a thank-you letter for every gift, although they usually do so on their own initiative in their regular correspondence with their sponsors.

Can I visit the child we sponsor?

It can be possible to visit a child you sponsor in the village, community, or school where he or she lives. However, the privacy and safety of all the children in our sponsorship program is always our main priority.