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Host a Home Party

Jewelry, baskets and bangs handmade in Uganda

Jewelry, baskets and bags handmade in Uganda


WE  Want  a  Party  for  the  Global  Good!

A WE International Global Good home party will empower you to make a difference in the lives of impoverished women and families worldwide! When you host a home party, you invite your friends, those in your neighborhood, church, or community to gather together to learn about WE International and our vision to address injustice and poverty in the developing world through economic development.

When you purchase our handcrafted, fair-trade products from artisans in Uganda, you know that each purchase benefits WEI’s work helping people in poverty by providing them a sustainable income and in turn giving them dignity.

It’s not about charity; it’s about giving people an opportunity to be empowered, help their families, and live better lives.

WE International makes it easy for you to host a Global Good home party by offering a step-by-step guide and party theme ideas:

Before  Your  Party:

Choose a concept:

What kind of party do you want to host? For example, you may choose to focus on women and children at-risk, economic development, human trafficking, education, or clean water.

Choose a theme:

Just a few options are a world bazaar, a Christmas theme, Asian theme, safari theme, etc. Choose a place and date. What time of year do you want to host your party?

Choose the place, time and date to host your party:

Plan at least 90 minutes for your party as we have found that best suits the host, the guests, and WE International staff.  Be sure the place you choose, whether it be your living room or a rented space, is large enough to accommodate your guest list and merchandise offered.

Recruit volunteers:

Talk with friends, family, and other group members to see who could help and what facilities are available.

Send invitations:

Feel free to create your own invitations with a color scheme or theme tied to one or more of the artisans’ products.

Plan for food:

Recruit a friend to help prepare international food or just serve appetizers.

Make a difference!

Email us at for party planning info.