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Our Work


WE International is a justice advocacy and economic development organization working with indigenous people, governments, NGO’s and other private organizations to raise awareness about and respond to poverty and injustice in the developing world.

“One reason WE International is successful in building local capacity in developing countries is that we work within the local culture and have its strengths work for them.” David Lippiatt

WEI works in Uganda, with a Home of Restoration for women who have been sex trafficked, a Home of Hope for children at risk for homelessness or exploitation, WE Educate, a child sponsorship program that helps improve the quality of life for children who find themselves in a community with lacking resources, and microfinance programs.

WE International also works in the Philippines, with a trash dump community named Smokey Mountain.  At Smokey Mountain, WEI works with tutoring, education, and child sponsorship, alongside Young Focus.