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Women At Risk

Home of Restoration

From women at risk to women who have been restored.

From its beginning, WE International has been focused on addressing human trafficking. WEI works to combat human trafficking in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Uganda.

WEI’s home for women in East Africa helps women find restorative therapy, and brings light to lives that have endured much hurt, humiliation, and shame. It’s a place where broken women can be cared for, find laughter, and regain their empowerment.

WE International addresses human trafficking in three substantive ways:

1. Prevention

By addressing slavery though sustainable economic development, WEI focuses on high poverty areas empowering women by providing entrepreneur training, income generation opportunities, and microfinance opportunities to start small businesses, so they are less vulnerable to trafficker’s schemes.

2. Restoration

Finding healing through our Home of Restoration and by implementing an arts therapy program, WE International serves women and girls in their restorative process, initiating personal, spiritual and emotional transformation.

3. Reintegration Services

No one wants to spend their whole life in an Aftercare Center. In time, most young women are ready to work and live independently. Finding work is difficult for anyone in depressed economies. It is more difficult for survivors of trafficking, because of prejudice and limited education and literacy. WE International is committed to providing entrepreneur training, microfinance services, and educational scholarships to help women start small businesses or cooperatives. It is through these small businesses that women acquire economic freedom, confidence, and sustainable income to provide for their children, and start a new life.

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