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09 Apr


Microfinance and Entrepreneur Services

April 9, 2013 | By |


If you want to help people in the less developed world, give them a chance, not charity. Dream with them and empower them. Microfinance empowers people. It gives them that chance and, in turn, gives them dignity.

~ David Lippiatt, Executive Director of WE International.

The innovative microfinance services provided by WE International are unmatched when it comes to creating jobs, breaking the cycle of poverty, and transforming lives. What is microfinance?

WE International is committed to those in greatest need: the lower poor and those who are victims of injustice. Our Microfinance and Economic Development Program counters poverty and the injustice of human trafficking by:

  1. Enabling poor families to create multiple employment and income opportunities.
  2. Promoting family well-being by alleviating the stress of financial problems.
  3. Creating economic opportunities for women from high-poverty geographic areas who are at risk of being trafficked, thereby becoming a preventative measure in addressing modern-day slavery.
  4. Integrating survivors of human trafficking back into society by providing micro loans and entrepreneurial training.
  5. Expanding educational opportunities for girls and women through educational grants.
  6. Supporting community-building initiatives for people who are in a vulnerable state.

Each of us is born with unique gifts and talents, and WE International believes in the holistic transformation of each individual we work with. That’s why we make sure our microfinance services include savings and loan training, small business programs, mentoring and more. Matching practical training with comprehensive support of the whole person is how we help people find solid ground, establish new businesses, and flourish.


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