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Aisha’s Story


When I last visited Uganda, the staff held an outreach to women and teenagers engaged in prostitution. The photo below was taken from that event.

WE Restore Outreach Event

One of the women who came forward and eventually joined the WE Restore program a few months later was Aisha Nakila. Aisha’s parents divorced when she was young. Suffering from the pain and trauma caused by her parents’ separation, Aisha left school during the equivalent of our 7th grade and moved in with a boyfriend.

Life with the boyfriend did not provide the solace Aisha sought. The boyfriend abused alcohol and pursued other women. Soon Aisha gave birth to a son, Aaron. Ultimately, after suffering several severe beatings at her boyfriend’s hand, Aisha took Aaron and left her boyfriend.

With no skills and only a primary school education, Aisha turned to prostitution to support herself and Aaron. As with many other teens and women engaged in prostitution, she resorted to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain of her new lifestyle.

A New Beginning

Aisha decided enough was enough and she responded to the WE Restore outreach last fall. The WE Restore staff provided money to Aisha to allow her to start a charcoal business.

Buying and selling charcoal is not an easy job, but it allows Aisha to pay rent and put food on the table for her and Aaron while the takes classes at the WE Restore home.

Aisha plans to work as a hairdresser and make-up artist while expanding her charcoal business.

In two weeks Aisha will graduate from the WE Restore program and the staff will provide additional support as she sets up her new business. I plan to be at the graduation ceremony to personally congratulate Aisha and pray for her success.

As you know, WE International relies solely on contributions. Due to donors who cover all of our administrative costs, 100% of the funds you provide go directly to Uganda support our efforts there, including our efforts to help women like Aisha and her son Aaron.

Please consider using the link below to support our efforts.

As always, thank you for all that you do.

Don Millis


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