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WE International is committed to bringing awareness to injustice issues. Our mission is to serve the public in understanding the issues of poverty and injustice and providing ways to respond and make a difference.


WE International representatives are available to address your business, schools, churches and civic organizations. Contact us for more info.


David Lippiatt


David Lippiatt is the Co-Founder, President, and CEO of WE International.  A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, he also has a certificate in Foreign Policy at Oxford University. He has had a heart for the nations for the last 20 years, having mobilized more than 1,000 people to work globally. He speaks nationally on the issues of poverty, injustice, and international development. He served on the Board of Teachers for Africa. His faith, heart for compassion, and desire for justice is the driving force behind his thirst to respond to the overwhelming amount of global poverty and injustice issues in developing countries.


Tina Lippiatt


Tina Lippiatt is a Co-Founder of WE International, and is an accomplished, executive-level administrator who has worked in numerous countries and has led teams to India and Rwanda. She is also a gifted speaker and desires to respond to the needs and struggles of women and children in the developing world.