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Educational Partner

From the founding of WE International, we have placed a high value on education. That’s why we take great care to involve schools and universities here in Madison, WI, and help students in Uganda through our WE Educate program.


We’ve also worked with various university departments and delivered presentations in classrooms and lecture halls. We operate an outstanding college internship program, and we’ve participated in conferences with the world-renowned La Follette School of Public Affairs. Our interns also started a campus group called The EDGE Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009 designed to coach students on the basics of non-governmental sustainable community development.


Our efforts extend to elementary, middle, and high schools, as well, where we teach and provide ways for students to understand and meet needs of their global community.


Given that young people — school-aged children around the world — are most often victims of the injustices of poverty, illiteracy, AIDS and human trafficking, we think it is important to involve them in making a difference. In fact, at WE International, we have seen that many students who are making the largest difference for those in the developing world countries are Western-World students who are leading the fight against these injustices.


If you would like to become an Education Partner with WE International, please call us today at (608)467-7655, or email