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Everest journey day one to Nepal!


The countdown is on!

The WE International team is meeting up in the Chicago O’hare airport today to start the journey to Nepal. They’ll be stopping in Qatar for a layover before traveling on to Katmandu.

This is a trip over two years in the making and everyone at WE International is so excited that it’s finally happening! Covid put the trip on pause, but it couldn’t cancel WE International’s enthusiasm to go! WE International’s CEO David Lippiatt is taking fourteen people to the base camp of Mount Everest and back down to Katmandu. They will also be walking through the red light district of Katmandu to learn how the horrors of the sex trafficking industry is impacting this beautiful country.

An estimated 35,000 men, women and children are trafficked out of Nepal each year. This horrifying industry must stop. WE International is committed to doing as much as they can give the people of Nepal a better story.

A Way to bring focus to an ugly industry

Hiking to base camp of Mount Everest is definitely a bucket list. It’s also a great way to talk with others about the ugly sex trafficking industry. Those in the group spent the last year and a half fundraising for this trip. One hiker, Kat, recalled how she was able to talk about sex trafficking with people she met at a wedding. After hearing about the impact WE International is having in Uganda and other countries in the world, they were excited to donate to the cause. One man commented that as a father of a daughter’s, he felt compelled to donate.

“My daughter’s are safe. I want other girls to be safe as well,” he told Kat.

Others in the group were able to talk with their corporations. Many were enthusiastic to give to the cause of rescuing girls from sex slavery and helping them recover into a better future.

It’s not too late to give

The fight is only starting. Many girls came to WE International’s after care center in Uganda during the pandemic. So many that we are looking to expand to provide them more room and better services. Our trip to Nepal will also be looking on how WE International can expand and help in that country as well. While the sex trafficking industry is expansive, nothing will end it if we don’t all do out part.

We hope you’ll join WE International in fighting for girls and boys to live a better story. Come back to our blog here to follow the hikers as they enter Nepal and go to base camp. And if you want to donate, head on over to this page.

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