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I’m sure you have noticed that in my prior emails I have included a link for you to donate to the efforts of WE International. For those of you who have donated using that link, a heartfelt thank you. Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a worldwide movement to unleash the power of radical generosity upon the world. No doubt there are many worthy charities that merit support; I would like to make the case as to why WE International is worth supporting.

Sustainable programs

Pure charity has its place and can be lifesaving at times. During famines and natural disasters, for example, the first order is survival and providing relief is key.

The programs supported by WE International differ in that they are designed to help those in need to support themselves. This means providing health care, lodging and training so that women and girls caught up prostitution can make a life for themselves.

This also means providing microfinance loans to villagers to allow them to start businesses and then recycling the loan repayments for loans to their neighbors.

Finally, sustainability means working with families to provide an education for children who could not otherwise afford an education.

The common thread, helping those in need help themselves build a better future.

Making your money go farther

There are needs everywhere, so why work in Africa or, more specifically, in Uganda?

One advantage of working in Uganda is that our dollars go farther. The cost of living in Uganda is, on average, 73% lower than in the US. Thus, money you contribute to WE International has a much greater impact.

Targeting Those Most in Need

The programs supported by WE International target those who are in greatest need.

Joyce, the recipient of a WE Empower microloan, in the retail store in Lunyo that was made possible by that loan.
Joyce, the recipient of a WE Empower microloan, in the retail store in Lunyo that was made possible by that lowan.

A girl or young woman who is orphaned or kicked out of her home by her parents, or worse yet, sold to human traffickers, has no place to go. Our WE Restore home ministers to these women and girls.

Our microfinance program targets those in some of the poorest areas of a poor country.

The same is true of WE International’s WE Educate program that supports students in some of the poorest areas of Uganda.

Low Overhead

WE International has made strides to reduce overhead costs. In fact, overhead costs make up less than 20% of our monthly expenditures, and over the past 4 months our support for our partners in Uganda has increased by 75%. One goal in 2023 is to lower our overhead costs so that they make up only 15% of our budget.

In Closing

If you would like to donate to WE International, you can do so by clicking the link below or by mailing a donation to the address below. Thank you for your consideration.

Don Millis

President and CEO

WE International, Inc.

Click here to donate online

WE International, Inc.

P.O. Box 14181

Madison, WI 53708


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