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Greetings from Uganda!

Passing the torch

Some of you may know that earlier this month WE International’s Board of Directors appointed me President and CEO of WE International on an unpaid, voluntary basis. I am humbled and honored to take up the mantle of leadership of this organization that has worked to promote economic justice and empowerment in Africa.

returning to jinja

One of my first tasks was to return to Jinja to reconnect with those we support in these efforts. On Friday, I met with the women who staff the WE Restore home that works with women (but mostly girls) who have been trapped in prostitution. We had a great discussion about ideas they have for expanding the program by “recruiting” more women/girls and expanding the training opportunities at the home.

Expanding services

Speaking of recruiting, on Saturday the WE Restore staff held its first ever community outreach event. Staff and the residents at the home invited those who are still trapped in prostitution to an event with the message that God loves them and that regardless of where they are in life, there is hope. There was preaching, testimonies by women who have gone through the program, a healthcare presentation, dancing and lots of great food prepared by staff and women at the home. Ten women asked to enroll in the program, and a few were ready to move in right away. The staff at the home have their work cut out for them as they work to integrate the new girls.

In response to the healthcare presentation, three women came forward complaining of conditions that the WE Restore staff were able to address.

Educating children

On Sunday, I attended a church services on Lingura Island. After the service, I met with some of the children on the island who are supported by donors to the WE Educate child sponsorship program. The photo above shows both the children and some of their parents. In order to attend school, the families of these children must pay tuition. Were it not for the generosity of donors to the WE Educate program, these children would not be getting an education.

If you have an interest in contributing to the WE Educate program, feel free to email me at

If you are interested in making a general contribution to WE International, please click here.

Don Millis


WE International, Inc.

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