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Host A Home Party

Jewelry, baskets and bangs handmade in Uganda

Jewelry, baskets and bags handmade in Uganda


What is a Home Party?


A WE International Home Party is an opportunity for a community to come together to purchase goods made by Ugandan entrepreneurs and learn about WE International, our programs, and the poverty and injustice issues we respond to.


When you host a home party, you invite your friends to come together as a community, enjoy each other’s company, learn about real-world challenges, and respond to the problems at hand.


When you purchase our handcrafted, fair-trade products made by artisans in Uganda, you know that each purchase benefits WE International’s work towards fighting poverty and injustice, and providing entrepreneurs with a platform for selling their goods, thus generating income in an empowering and dignifying way.


It’s not about charity, it’s about giving people an opportunity to be empowered, help their families, and live better lives.


Planning Your Home Party:


WE International makes it easy for you to host a Home Party by offering a step-by-step planning guide. We appreciate your interest in hosting a Home Party and making a difference!


Step 1: Contact WE International

Contact WE International to let us know you want to host a Home Party!

Email us at


Call us at (608)467-7655

We want to hear from you to collaborate with you and begin planning your Home Party!


Step 2: Develop a Theme

Choose a theme for your Home Party. Developing a theme can be a fun way to embellish your Home Party’s atmosphere. As well, it is a great outlet for your personal creative expression. Just a few options include:

  • World Bazaar
  • Holiday
  • Safari
  • World Traveller


Step 3: Choose Your Location, Date & Time to Host:

Choose where and when you want to host your Home Party. Be sure to clearly communicate this with your guests! The place you choose should be large enough to accommodate your entire guest list, snacks, and any merchandise offered by WE International. You should plan your Home Party to be at least 90 minutes long (we have found 90 minutes typically suits the host, guests, and WE International’s staff very well).


Step 4: Recruit Volunteers

Find people who can help you prepare! Talk with friends, family, and other members of your community to see who can help and how they can best assist you. WE International will have a team of staff, interns and/or volunteers to help as well.


Step 5: Send Invitations

Get the word out about your Home Party! You may choose to create your own invitations to send in the mail, individually call your guests, simply post on social media about your event, or all of the above! The trick is to get people excited about your Home Party. Be sure to include your advocacy concept, theme, location, date, time, and RSVP directions in your invitation. You can also include WE International’s website:!


Step 6: Plan for food

Once you know about how many people will come, begin planning what type of food you want to serve. This is a great place to tie in your theme! You may want to have a couple of appetizers here or there, or you may want to go “all out” with a full meal! Recruit a friend or two to help cook and prepare.


Step 7: Follow Up and Make a Difference!

After you have hosted your Home Party, it can be good to follow up with guests to see how the evening went for them, acquire feedback for any future Home Parties, and see if anyone else wants to host a Home Party in the future. You may want to call your guests individually, send thank you cards in the mail, or message them on social media. WE International can also provide you with giving envelopes to give to your guests in case they want to take action and donate to WE International. Following up with your guests after your party is over can help your guests transition into responding to your advocacy concept in their daily lives, which can make the biggest difference!


Email us at for more Home Party planning information.