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Our Fall 2019 intern team at the United Nations to advocate for the Sahrawi people of Western Sahara.

We are currently looking for interns in the following areas for Spring 2020. We are also looking for interns for Summer 2020!

  • Grant Writing and Fundraising
  • Please look at the linked position descriptions below for more specifics.

  • Grant Writing and Fundraising
    • As an intern you will have the opportunity to work alongside WE International staff who are committed to helping you develop professional experience as you tackle real goals and offer insight and creativity into the work of WEI. You will get experience in your specific role, but you will also learn about what it takes to manage current initiatives and develop new projects.

      Additionally, as an intern, you get to work with a community of individuals who want to change the world, as well as live in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. Within this collaborative, creative team environment, we guarantee that you will be personally challenged and grow more than you thought possible in just a few short months. Please read on to find out more about our intern program.

      These WE International Internships are available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. Below is the general time frame for the current and upcoming interning seasons:

      Spring 2020 Term: January 26th, 2020 – April 30th, 2020

      Summer 2020 Term: May 26th, 2020 – August 7th, 2020

      Fall 2020 Term: September 14th, 2020 – December 11th, 2020

      We review applications as they come in (even after internship terms begin)! Please email if you have questions!

      Interns are expected to work at least twice a week in the office for at least 8 hours a week, totaling around 80 – 100 hours during a given term.

      These competitive internships are designed to be a learning opportunity for individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in various aspects of NGO work, nonprofit management, international development work, etc. An internship with WEI offers more than work experience; it is an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

      Our internships can fit within a wide range of intended careers or proposed majors. Because we have a small staff, our interns take on a lot of responsibility and are crucial to the successful operation of our organization. During your time at WEI, you will gain skills not only through the specific internship you complete, but also from the dynamic environment of which you will be a part.

      Skills You Can Grow In:

      • Teamwork
      • Creative Problem Solving
      • Program Management
      • Effective Communication
      • Intercultural Communication
      • Marketing
      • Fundraising
      • Event Planning
      • Advocacy
      • Leadership
      • Non-Profit Operations
      • Donor Relations

      WE International also provides various professional development opportunities for interns to take advantage of to further their personal and professional growth. These may include various conferences, speaker events, and volunteer opportunities. Pictured above is our 2017 interning team visiting the United Nations in New York City, NY and advocating for the Sahrawi people of Western Sahara. Other previous opportunities have included traveling to Uganda, attending The Justice Conference, and volunteering in local schools.

      Please note that all internships are unpaid.

      *For more information, please email us at

    • The WE International Internship Program offers a variety of internships for our following areas:

      • WE Empower Program
      • WE Sustain Program
      • WE Educate Program
      • WE Challenge Program
      • WE Restore Program
      • WE Stand Program & Business
      • Community Development Initiatives
      • Communications
      • Fundraising
      • Trip Planning
      • Program Support
      • Donor Support
      • Administrative Support
      • Photography & Videography
      • Website Development & Branding
      • Roles and responsibilities will differ for each internship area; however, there are some responsibilities that all interns will share including overseeing a project area, attending team meetings, writing content for our social media platforms and newsletters, participating in a mid-term one on one, and wrapping up the term with specific end of term tasks.

        *Internship availability may vary slightly by semester. Some terms we may have additional opportunities and others we may have fewer.

      • Testimonials from Past Interns

        Amanda, Spring 2018 Trips Intern

        “WE has helped me gain confidence in my ability to start something from the ground up.”

        Drew, Spring 2018 WE Empower Intern

        “My short time at WE has been an incredible source of personal and professional growth. I’ve learned a lot about international non-profits and been encouraged by everyone who works here!”

        Melissa, Spring 2018 Administrative Intern

        “Interning at WE International has been a positive experience that really made me feel like I was making a difference and contributing to a great cause.”

        Allie, Spring 2018 Communications Intern

        “My time at WE International has been filled with a lot of new experiences. Being the Communications and Social Media Intern, I was able to learn about media in the nonprofit sector and strategies to reach people. I got to gain skills I did not have and also worked with a team that was supportive, fun, and cared about world issues. It was an awesome experience!”

        Sarah, Spring 2018 WE Restore Intern

        “The emphasis on individuality coupled with interdisciplinary teamwork strategies and communications made WEI an enjoyable environment in which to work towards causes we were all passionate about.”

        Yuhe, Spring 2018 Program Support Intern

        “WE International is an open and welcoming place to work. WE has friendly people and an enthusiastic working environment. I have grown knowledge in running a non-profit organization and gained skills for my future career.”

        JoJo, Spring 2018 WE Educate Intern

        “It was a great experience to meet such amazing people and it was such a valuable opportunity for me to get involved in this program.”

        Chloe, Spring 2018 WE Stand Intern

        “My time at WE International was both fun and challenging. I had a great time working with David, Amy, and all of the interns. This experience is sure to help me as I search for a career after graduation.”

        Yalda, Spring 2018 WE Educate Intern

        “WE International challenges individuals to use their strengths and infuse creativity. Also, WEI encourages team building and creating better stories, not just in Uganda but to interns and volunteers as well.”

        Natalie, Spring 2018 Feminine Hygiene Initiative Intern

        “After spending four semesters at WEI, I have found that it is a place where no amount of impact, small or large, goes unnoticed. Everyone is very appreciative and supportive of the work you are doing. The encouraging and welcoming atmosphere creates a space where everyone can share their ideas and collaborate, which leads to a great work environment. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have worked here for two years and for the experiences I have gained in doing so.”

        Lauren, Spring 2018 WE Challenge Intern

        “WE International has provided me with experiences, resources, and the creative freedom to prepare me for a future career in the nonprofit sector, while also making friends and colleagues I can always count on. I’m lucky to have found WE International!”

        Sarah, Spring 2018 WE Sustain Intern

        WE is a great internship experience as you are entrusted with a lot of responsibility and you get a real understanding for the work of nonprofits.”

        Maggie, Spring 2018 WE Empower Intern

        WEI was a great experience for me; from getting to know my coworkers to seeing how our work impacts the people we aim to help. I hope future interns have the same experience I did!”

        Megan, Spring 2018 Donor Support Intern

        My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner!”

        Maddie, Fall 2017 WE Empower Intern

        WE International is my global home right in Madison, WI. Staying connected and helping out the people of Jinja, Lingira, and Musima, Uganda is eye opening, heart-warming, and a unique experience that I couldn’t receive anywhere else. I am honored to be part of the WE team!”

        Victoria, Fall 2017 WE Empower Intern

        “I am so happy to have found WE International! Interning for WE International has been such a great experience and has given me the opportunity to be apart of an amazing community that share a common love of helping others. WE International is truly a special place and I feel lucky to have been apart of it.”

        Lauren, Fall 2017 WE Challenge Intern

        “WE International is something that I consider myself extremely lucky to have stumbled upon. Ever since I have come in contact with WE I have learned more about the issues, the work, and myself than I thought I would. After joining the WEI team, there is nothing I want to do more than advocate for social justice in the word.”

        Mallory, Fall 2017 WE Stand Intern

        WE International is a great place to intern at. The people here care for you and want to see you succeed. There is a lot of grace given and everyone in the office feels like family. The work is interesting and it feels great to be able to raise awareness for those in Uganda. If you intern with WE, you won’t regret it!

        Natalie, Fall 2017 WE Stand Intern

        “WE International is unlike most internships in that you truly play a role in helping the organization succeed. There is a lot of creative freedom and support from other members of the team which makes for a great environment to work in. Everyone is extremely caring and it really does feel like a little family of its own.”

        Shannon, Spring 2017 WE Sustain Intern

        “WE International has been a positive learning experience for me and was a great place to apply some of the things I was studying in school. I came into WE hoping to get insight into working in a non-profit setting, and gained more than that. Prior to this internship, I had relatively little experience or interest in marketing tests or web-development, but ended up learning these trades without ever intending to. I also gained experience in professional communication through coordinating with our partners, different organizations, professors, and other people from the local community. All of the skills and experiences I acquired here are very transferrable to a professional workplace, especially if you are interested in working in the NGO/non-profit sector.”

        Maddie, Spring 2017 WE Empower & WE Sustain Intern

        “Working at WE International has been an eye-openning experience for not only my views on the world, but my view of myself. Being able to connect with people and read stories from Ugandans wanting micro-loans has made me realize how small the world is and how connected we all are. It has ignited a fire within me to help others create a better life story. Besides this, the people that I work alongside are some of the most passionate, dedicated, genuine, and hilarious humans I know, and it makes working here an even more positive experience. I could not be more thankful for all the knowledge, connections, and life lessons WE has given me!”

        Natalie, Spring 2017 WE Educate Intern

        “WE International allows for interns to have a lot of creative freedom and make decisions that truly have an impact. Working at WEI, I have gained valuable insight about what it takes to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I am so thankful to be part of the work this organization is doing.”

        Drew, Spring 2017 Communications & Social Media Intern

        “My time at WE has taught me so much about not only the realities that are going on all over the world, but about myself. I learned that sitting idly by doesn’t work for me, and working to fight human trafficking and break the cycle of poverty is something that makes getting up in the morning worthwhile. Working in social media has showed me the power of these tools that we take for granted every day, and spreading the word about these topics is as simple as hitting the like or share button. The first step in ending modern day slavery is to talk about it and raise awareness. The team here at WE is incredible. There are so many different moving parts, but it all comes together to make an amazing group of people who are working to raise awareness and fight against injustice.”

        Paige, Spring 2017 Administrative Intern

        “WE International has provided me an amazing experience to learn more about the inner-workings of a philanthropic organization, as well as gain a deeper understanding of how our work touches the lives of amazing individuals within our partner countries. I have gained an invaluable experience sharing it with like-minded individuals who have a passion for providing justice and hope to our friends in the developing world.”

        Tim, WE International's 1st Intern in 2008

        “I had the privilege of doing my Social Work field study internship with We International on Lingira Island in Uganda…I believe that WE is on a good track, taking time to value the microfinance participants they are in relationship with by giving them a chance to succeed….Overall, it is difficult for me to write so little to summarize because the trip was such an incredible learning experience for me.”

      • The WE International Internship Program is an excellent opportunity to complement your studies and gain invaluable work experience. There is also a good chance you will be able to earn internship credit towards your degree at your college or university!

        * Please inquire first about requirements and paperwork with your academic advisor.

        WEI internships can be used for school credit, but please note that the intern is responsible for any paperwork that needs to be completed. WE International is not responsible for attaining this information. Interns must check with their school Department Advisor about the amount of credits and hours involved, as this information varies per department and school. Interns are expected to communicate information on credits and hours in a timely and professional manner.

        Interns requiring a project are asked to consider a project that will benefit themselves and WEI. When given appropriate time, staff can help to brainstorm a project that fits this description; however, interns must communicate this in a timely manner with the Administrative Manager.

        All internships are unpaid. We suggest that interns raise funds for personal items, food, and living expenses.

      • Please complete the application below!.

        We look forward to connecting with you!

      • We are currently looking for interns for Summer 2020.