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Robert is our Uganda Country Director of WE International-Uganda. He oversees our onsite WE Empower, WE Sustain, and WE Educate programs in the communities of Lingira, Jinja, and Musima, Uganda.


Robert is a native of Lingira Island in Uganda, which is part of the Buvuma Islands chain on Lake Victoria. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Makerere University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Management from Uganda Christian University.


Robert has worked to help the people in Uganda since 2002. When WE International was founded in 2006, Robert became the director of services for his country.


“My vision is to affirm the dignity of Ugandans through empowering them to impact their communities by promoting and providing economic development, educational opportunity, and medical services while advocating for justice in Uganda.” says Robert.