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WE Challenge Program and Trips

In the Fall of 2020 WE International will be doing a Trek to End Trafficking. The Trek will take place in Nepal, where participants will Trek to Everest Base Camp, a total of 80.77 miles. This will be a life changing experience not only for those trekking but for those it will impact. The people affected by human trafficking

For More information please visit the trip page below!

The challenge is the run: 26.2, 13.1, 6.21 or 3.1 square miles through the desert of the Western Sahara in Algeria. During the Sahara Marathon, you will be running alongside people from across the globe in solidarity with the Sahrawi people.

This is not an easy feat. The run will challenge you both physically and mentally. This race presents you with a chance to grow as an individual and “live a better story,” while contributing to a great cause.

In February of 2019 WE International is doing a Sahara Advocacy Race.

For more information, please visit the trip page below!

Interested in interning for WE International for our WE Challenge Program? Check out our interning program here!