Be a part of a community of people fighting injustice and poverty in the developing world

WE International exists to address poverty and injustice issues in the developing world by giving hope to people who live in difficult, if not desperate, situations through empowering and sustainable programs. We are united in our mission by using a relational approach in how we work together and how we implement transformational development.

WE Restore – Sexual based violence

At WE International we are about empowering and strengthening women. We believe when we empower women, communities are transformed. In many parts of the world women suffer the most. Our WE Restore program works specifically to help rescue women from sex trafficking, gender-based violence, oppression, and poverty.


WE International’s WE Educate Program is designed to provide sponsorships for students in primary school and secondary school who need the extra assistance. WE Educate operates in the African country of Uganda in the towns and villages of Musima, Lingira, and Jinja.


Our WE Empower program works to provide micro-loans at low interest rates to residents in Uganda without requiring collateral. In doing so, WE International affirms the dignity of these individuals as worthy of investment, therefore empowering our micro-finance program applicants and recipients.

The “WE” in WE INternational

WE is an inclusive word, it is refers to all of us working together to make a difference. In the Bantu language spoken in southern Africa there is a word “Ubuntu”; it is an idea present in African spirituality that says:  “I am because WE are” – or WE are all connected as humans.  We cannot be ourselves without community, health, faith and living out our lives alongside others. Ubuntu speaks about our interconnectedness and how our lives affect one another.

The truth is WE are connected and what WE as human beings do affect one another.  WE can bring change, WE can bring hope, and together WE can make a difference in the world.

What WE Have Done Together Over the Years

WE International’s vision is to stand up for the vulnerable, be advocates for those affected by injustice and respond to those facing poverty. From WEI’s inception, we have taken a relational approach to loving the people and the cultures we work in.  We come alongside the individuals we serve as learners and friends to explore and implement ways to help people live better stories. The following is a timeline that highlights some of the wonderful work many of you have helped us do, the people we have had the privilege to serve, and where in the world WE have ventured to make a difference.  Enjoy!

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“I’m very happy for this day. I’m very happy at the site of David. Thank you for bringing this program here. On my behalf, I benefit a lot from this loan program. The money, from the money that I got from the loan, I multiply the money and now I have a lot of land. And I thank you, thank you, thank you so much. And I own this piece of land. I know with this loan I can still build in this piece of land. I’m so happy.”

-Nicole – WE Empower, microfinance client 

“I was abused sexually since I was twelve by the man I worked for as a house maid. My family was killed by the rebels in northern Uganda and I thought that’s how my life has to go. Being young and not educated girl orphan, I lost hope for better life and bright future. While in prostitution, I did every crazy thing imaginable!!  I never minded having sex with a man anywhere, even on streets. I had lost all my dignity but God restored my dignity through the Women At Risk program.”

Annie – Women at Risk Home 


“I thank the grace of God, who brought WE Empower to Uganda, and you gathered with us and we shared. It has not been easy, we were really surprised to get this loan amid this Covid time. And this loan we got it and it has done great work in us.” 

Janet – WE Empower, microfinance client 


“I’m very happy. I cannot say much, but all I can say that it is full in my heart. I really am delighted, thanking what WE has done in our lives. We have been getting lots of training, like sanitary pads making, I’m really very happy. And if there is still more training, or something to learn new or a new adventure… I still want to learn more and more.” 

Annette,  WE Restore,  Feminine Hygiene Initiative 

“I am really thankful for WE Educate program, and what it has done in my life and
family. Because of WEI, now my daughter is at school. WEI has helped me overcome the
challenge of paying the school fees and buying the requirements…If it was not for
WEI (sponsorship), who knows, I couldn’t even have made it, maybe she would even be
seated at home, but praise God she is at school.”

Betty – WE Educate, parent of sponsored child 

“With great joy and pleasure, I thank WEI for helping me and my mum
from the burden of fees. Truly my mum couldn’t made it up to where I am now. WEI has met
all my school fees and requirements. For sure, since the day I got the sponsorship, have not been out of school, my school
fees have always been coming on time. If it wasn’t  for WEI sponsorship, I wouldn’t make it to where I am now because my Dad abandoned us. I pray that God blesses my sponsors”

Winne – WE Educate, sponsored child

“WE Educate has helped me a lot. Since my Daddy’s death, they have met my
school fees and requirements. My mum has not been bothered to pay our school fees, which
I really thank God for that, she would have not been able to pay for me.  If it was not for WE
Educate, maybe I would not be in school. I thank God am at school studying.”

Daniel – We Educate sponsored child

Volunteer With Us

We welcome volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, and careers to come in and help out! As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work alongside WE International staff and interns on a specific project, program, or event.