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Child Sponsorships

the need for sponsorship

School dropout is a huge problem in Uganda, which has detrimental effects for the children and their communities. According to a 2014 UNICEF report, in sub-Saharan Africa, more than 30 percent of primary school students drop out before reaching a final grade (Mbabazi). Children drop out of school for many reasons. One reason is that families cannot afford school costs including tuition fees, exam fees, uniforms, and supplies, making school an unlikely possibility for the children. In many cases, some families can only afford to send one child to school. Illness may also cause children to drop out of school. Family members who become ill will often have to cut their children’s education in order to afford medical care. Additionally, children may lose one or both of their parents to AIDs, alcoholism, or another problem. If this happens, students may need to drop out of school to help provide for the rest of their family.


Mbabazi, C., Ochen, E. A., Onyango, E. O., & Moses Lubaale, Y. A. (2014, March). Out of  school children study in Uganda [PDF]. UNICEF.


The WE Educate Program

WE International’s WE Educate Program is designed to provide sponsorships for students in primary school and secondary school who need the extra assistance. WE Educate operates in the African country of Uganda in the towns and villages of Musima, Lingira, and Jinja. Sponsorships for primary and secondary school students cost $35 a month.

Your sponsorship will give a student vital tools for a brighter future by providing:

  • School trimester fees
  • School exam fees (a requirement to continue education)
  • School uniforms
  • Shoes
  • School supplies (such as pens, pencils, books, and a backpack)
  • Food (breakfast for primary school students, lunch for secondary school students, as well as a package of rice, posho, vegetables, and fruit given to the sponsored child’s family once a trimester)
  • Bars of soap
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste

It is important for us at WE International to include food and hygiene coverage in our program because we know how hunger and hygiene issues can affect a student’s well-being both in and out of school.


Breakdown of sponsorship coverage

–  We use 75% for direct sponsorship coverage costs, such as school fees, exam fees, uniforms and shoes, school supplies, hygiene products, and food. 

–  We reserve 10% for our program buffer to account for unexpected program costs, such as covering your student’s school fees between sponsorships and accounting for price fluctuation of costs. 

–  We use 14% for administrative costs, such as the international money transfer fee. 

–  And finally, we reserve 1% for our WE International general fund. 

*WE International is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Sponsorship donations are 100% tax deductible.*