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WE Restore

WE Restore

WE Restore rescues girls (yes, teens and preteens) and women trapped in prostitution by ministering to their spiritual needs with the love of Christ, providing safe housing for these girls and women, and teaching them skills to thrive without returning to their old lives.

The Home

The Uganda team currently supports 24 girls and women, 10 residing in the WE Restore home and 14 living outside the home. The 14 living outside the home are supported financially by the WE Restore program, participating daily in training and mentorship sessions, as well as Bible study.

Apio’s Story

Apio Emaculate’s mother was a prostitute; she never knew her father. As the men who visited her mother turned to Apio, the cycle of prostitution continued.

Since coming to the WE Restore Home, Apio–who is now 17–has mastered not only tailoring, but also baking and soap making. The WE Restore staff will soon provide Apio with materials and equipment to strike out on her own

Near Term Plans

  • Add up to 10 additional women/girls to the WE Restore Home at an annual cost of $5,350
  • Purchase sewing machines and other start up supplies for women upon graduating from the home that had previously been provided by other organizations on an ad-hoc basis at an annual cost of $1,500