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Florence the Entrepreneur

Florence's roadside store

In previous posts we have described some of the many microfinance loans WE International has provided to villagers in Lunyo, a poor rural village located about 8 miles from the Kenyan border.

Known as WE Empower, this program allowed many villagers to rise out of poverty and send their children to school. WE Empower has provided resources to help many villagers both start businesses and expand upon their success.

Florence’s story

Last August, we had the pleasure of meeting Florence Aguti who received a loan from WE Empower to start her business selling used clothes. Florence is quite the entrepreneur, working very hard for her family.

Lacking a storefront, Florence goes door-to-door during the day, peddling her inventory and carrying her wares in a few bags. Late in the afternoon, Florence finds a spot by a busy road and lays her inventory on a tarp, hoping to catch the interest of passersby.

With the money she has earned, Florence has been able to contribute to her household expenses and send her daughter, Olivia, to primary school.

Florence is in a position now where she would like to expand her business, and has requested an additional loan for this purpose. This decision will be made by our team in Uganda. Florence’s drive to make a better life for her family is admirable.

We Need Your Support

WE International relies on your generous contributions to help women like Florence. When you donate with the link below, 100% of your contributions will go directly to support our efforts in Uganda, including our microfinance program, WE Empower.

With your contributions we can continue to help villagers in Lunyo and women like Florence rise out of poverty and build a better life for themselves and their families.

Please consider clicking here to support our efforts in Uganda. 

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