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Graduation at Green Hill Infant Community School


Usually we highlight the work of WE International’s Ugandan Team. Of course, there are many other individuals and organizations moving the Kingdom forward in Uganda. This week, I highlight the efforts of Sam Muyaka and his school in Musima.

Sam started Green Hill Infant Community School, offering an education to children who would otherwise never see the inside of a school. Without an education, most boys will begin manual labor in their teens, if not earlier; girls–if they are lucky–are likely to be married at an age when they should be attending high school or worse, walking the streets.

For the school year that ended in December–school years in Uganda follow the calendar year–the Green Hill school educated 62 children aged 3 to 7 which correlates to our pre-K through the 2nd grade. For 2024, the school plans to expand its curriculum through the 5th grade and educate more than 100 pupils. This is a bold goal since most families sending children to the school cannot afford the very modest tuition.

Last month, the Green Hill school conducted its 2023 graduation ceremony. To say the least, it does not resemble graduation ceremonies in the states. The ceremony starts with the students following a local marching band as they parade through Musima, celebrating the pupils who have completed their studies.

It is amazing and inspiring that people like Sam who have so little, yet generously give of their time and resources to invest in the most vulnerable to end the cycle of poverty.

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