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WE International believes that internships should give you real work experience. We also believe in providing our interns with the chance to work on programs and projects regarding issues that they are passionate about, often with additional opportunities to travel and serve the people WEI helps.
internships that change the world

Our internships are designed to be a learning opportunity for individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in various aspects international and non-profit work. WEI interns gain professional experience in a broad range of areas including communications, graphic design, fundraising, marketing, event planning, donor relations and administration. However, an internship with WEI offers more than work experience; it is an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Please read below to find out more about our intern program.​ We review applications as they come in. Please email if you have questions!

About our internships

Come join our team! 

An internship with WEI is a great opportunity to complement your studies and gain invaluable work experience. Many of our interns are able to receive credit for their internship with WEI through their college or university. Please inquire first about requirements and necessary paperwork with your academic advisor.

At the moment, WE International internships are remote. We ask that interns dedicate, on average, 6 hours a week to WE International projects.

Please note that all WE International internships are unpaid.

Intern opportunities

WE International also provides various professional development opportunities for interns to take advantage of to further their personal and professional growth. These may include various conferences, speaker events, and volunteer opportunities.

Pictured above is the United Nations in New York City, NY where we advocate for the Sahrawi people of Western Sahara.

Other opportunities have included traveling to Uganda, attending The Justice Conference, and volunteering in local schools.



Katie S
Katie S.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2014-15)

“Working at WE International was a formative experience for me during my college years. I
gained helpful insight into the nonprofit world, and more importantly, I gained a deep
understanding of the heart behind the work. WEI helped me understand how we can all use our
unique skills to help meet the needs in our community and world.”

Natalie S.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2019)

“WE International allowed me to explore various aspects of international development work
and really solidified my passion for wanting to help others in my future career path!”

image_6483441 (1)
Sydney R.
(University of Wisconsin 2018-2019)

“Working at WEI was my first real experience with an international nonprofit. I was able to gain
exposure to the realities of working internationally, and hands-on experience doing program
support. These were crucial skills for my growth in the nonprofit industry and I’m so thankful to
WEI for helping me further my career with a mission that I’m so passionate about!”

image_6483441 (2)
Lauren B.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2018-2019)

“My favorite parts about interning at WE was how much room for creativity there is. As an
intern you get to work closely with the founder, and other key staff and they’re  so open to new
ideas that you really can make a difference. It’s not busy work like a lot of internships. It’s real,
hands-on, nonprofit work which is so uncommon.”

Maddie H.
(University of Wisconsin 2017-2018)

“Interning for WE International bettered my interpersonal skills and prepared me for my career. Working internationally to serve such a wonderful organization made me competitive in job interviews and gave me stories to look back on for a lifetime! I am so thankful for the friendships and experiences I gained at WE.”

Drew M.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2017-2018)

“Interning at WE allowed me the opportunity to explore different avenues to international development, and helped me understand that the size of an organization does not define the size of its impact!”

Brock L.
University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse Intern 2016

“Being able to play a small role in being a part of the solution on said issues was incredibly rewarding.  What WE Int. is doing is incredible work and I am proud to have been apart of it and will always cherish my time spent there.”

Mackenzie B
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2014-15)
“As an intern with WE International, I had the opportunity to gain real world experience with an international NGO, shape my view of what a more just world could be, and become part of a caring community collectively focused on making a difference. Interning with WE International was the perfect addition to my undergraduate experience – meaningful, impactful, and fun!”
Annie J.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2018-2019)
“I really enjoyed the time that I worked at WEI, and I was able to learn about and rekindle my passion for human rights and justice in a workplace with so many passionate, committed, like-minded people. WEI is committed to make a difference, and it helped me to grow in my understanding of the world and develop relevant professional experience!”
image_6483441 (2)
Sarah B
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2018-2019)

“WE International is a great opportunity to get hands on experience working for a wonderful nonprofit. They put their trust in you and let you lead in the position you are working in. You can tell from day one that it is a positive work environment and that you will be treated with  respect from the people that are there to help you grow.”