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Robert Wafula
Uganda Country Director

My vision is to affirm the dignity of Ugandans through empowering them to impact their communities by promoting and providing economic development, educational opportunity, and medical services while advocating for justice in Uganda.

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Modern day slavery is one of the gravest human rights violations of our time! As such, the greatest assault against women is that more is not being done to address gender-based-violence! It is why WE International exists – it’s why we are doing the Trek to End Trafficking advocacy event. In the words of Emma Lazarus, the American Jewish activist, ‘Until we are all free, we are non of us free.”

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I believe that every person is made in the image of God, and therefore, has immeasurable value, worth, and dignity. As a husband, and father of 3 daughters, I believe every girl being trafficked is loved by an almighty God with an unconditional love. Every girl caught in this evil is worth fighting for, and deserves the opportunity to meet Jesus, who longs to provide hope and healing.

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North Carolina

I care about ending sex trafficking because I come from Morocco where unfortunately women are still taken advantage of sexually!

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I believe there are thousands of reasons to help end trafficking. We have over millions of people who have their human rights taken from them. Not only is it a crime against humanity, it’s destroying families and lives. As we continue to target and destroy the enemy with goal minded individuals, I support to help raise the awareness and help stop trafficking.

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Every human deserves to dream.

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I care because of Proverbs 31:8-9: Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

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I want to end trafficking because it is modern slavery and we need to close this chapter in humanity’s history once and for all. Everyone deserves the chance to pursue life, liberty, and happiness with dignity no matter where they are born.

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One of the most important parts of my job as a nurse is being an advocate, it is something I feel very passionate about personally. I want people who have had their lives affected by trafficking to know and feel like people are pleading on their behalf. To know that they have a voice, a place, and people who are willing to stand with them. As a parent I want to raise a man who will stand with those whose rights are being violated and work and live to be a part of the solution.

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Human trafficking is one of the world’s most heinous crimes. Every person in this world is worthy of respect. As a white woman and sexual assault victim I know what it feels like to be violated and powerless to a very small degree. My heart breaks for these vulnerable women and children and I want to be a part of the solution to give them life of freedom.

Katie S
Katie S.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2014-15)

“Working at WE International was a formative experience for me during my college years. I
gained helpful insight into the nonprofit world, and more importantly, I gained a deep
understanding of the heart behind the work. WEI helped me understand how we can all use our
unique skills to help meet the needs in our community and world.”

Natalie S.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2019)

“WE International allowed me to explore various aspects of international development work
and really solidified my passion for wanting to help others in my future career path!”

image_6483441 (1)
Sydney R.
(University of Wisconsin 2018-2019)

“Working at WEI was my first real experience with an international nonprofit. I was able to gain
exposure to the realities of working internationally, and hands-on experience doing program
support. These were crucial skills for my growth in the nonprofit industry and I’m so thankful to
WEI for helping me further my career with a mission that I’m so passionate about!”

image_6483441 (2)
Lauren B.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2018-2019)

“My favorite parts about interning at WE was how much room for creativity there is. As an
intern you get to work closely with the founder, and other key staff and they’re  so open to new
ideas that you really can make a difference. It’s not busy work like a lot of internships. It’s real,
hands-on, nonprofit work which is so uncommon.”

Maddie H.
(University of Wisconsin 2017-2018)

“Interning for WE International bettered my interpersonal skills and prepared me for my career. Working internationally to serve such a wonderful organization made me competitive in job interviews and gave me stories to look back on for a lifetime! I am so thankful for the friendships and experiences I gained at WE.”

Drew M.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2017-2018)

“Interning at WE allowed me the opportunity to explore different avenues to international development, and helped me understand that the size of an organization does not define the size of its impact!”

Brock L.
University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse Intern 2016

“Being able to play a small role in being a part of the solution on said issues was incredibly rewarding.  What WE Int. is doing is incredible work and I am proud to have been apart of it and will always cherish my time spent there.”

Mackenzie B
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2014-15)
“As an intern with WE International, I had the opportunity to gain real world experience with an international NGO, shape my view of what a more just world could be, and become part of a caring community collectively focused on making a difference. Interning with WE International was the perfect addition to my undergraduate experience – meaningful, impactful, and fun!”
Annie J.
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2018-2019)
“I really enjoyed the time that I worked at WEI, and I was able to learn about and rekindle my passion for human rights and justice in a workplace with so many passionate, committed, like-minded people. WEI is committed to make a difference, and it helped me to grow in my understanding of the world and develop relevant professional experience!”
WE Restore Home

“I have been rescued from the street and I now know how to pray”

WE Restore Home

“I was so abusive and had no respect for anyone-not even my family. I have stopped all that through the good counsel I get at WE Restore Home.”

WE Restore Home

“I was homeless, now I have got a place I call home. I have been fed and loved at WE Restore Home”

WE Restore Home

“We Restore Home rescued me from the streets and I now have new parents and sisters. I am loved.”

WE Restore Home

“Through We Restore Home I learnt how to pray”

WE Restore Home

“I have learnt more about how God loves me and have attained skills in hair dressing”

WE Restore Home

“I feel loved and I have attained skills in tailoring”

WE Restore Home

“I feel loved and cared for, the people of We Restore Home are so kind”

“I’m very happy for this day. I’m very happy at the site of David. Thank you for bringing this program here. On my behalf, I benefit a lot from this loan program. The money, from the money that I got from the loan, I multiply the money and now I have a lot of land. And I thank you, thank you, thank you so much. And I own this piece of land. I know with this loan I can still build in this piece of land. I’m so happy.”

-Nicole – WE Empower, microfinance client 

“I was abused sexually since I was twelve by the man I worked for as a house maid. My family was killed by the rebels in northern Uganda and I thought that’s how my life has to go. Being young and not educated girl orphan, I lost hope for better life and bright future. While in prostitution, I did every crazy thing imaginable!!  I never minded having sex with a man anywhere, even on streets. I had lost all my dignity but God restored my dignity through the Women At Risk program.”

Annie – Women at Risk Home 


“I thank the grace of God, who brought WE Empower to Uganda, and you gathered with us and we shared. It has not been easy, we were really surprised to get this loan amid this Covid time. And this loan we got it and it has done great work in us.” 

Janet – WE Empower, microfinance client 


“I’m very happy. I cannot say much, but all I can say that it is full in my heart. I really am delighted, thanking what WE has done in our lives. We have been getting lots of training, like sanitary pads making, I’m really very happy. And if there is still more training, or something to learn new or a new adventure… I still want to learn more and more.” 

Annette,  WE Restore,  Feminine Hygiene Initiative 

“I am really thankful for WE Educate program, and what it has done in my life and
family. Because of WEI, now my daughter is at school. WEI has helped me overcome the
challenge of paying the school fees and buying the requirements…If it was not for
WEI (sponsorship), who knows, I couldn’t even have made it, maybe she would even be
seated at home, but praise God she is at school.”

Betty – WE Educate, parent of sponsored child 

“With great joy and pleasure, I thank WEI for helping me and my mum
from the burden of fees. Truly my mum couldn’t made it up to where I am now. WEI has met
all my school fees and requirements. For sure, since the day I got the sponsorship, have not been out of school, my school
fees have always been coming on time. If it wasn’t  for WEI sponsorship, I wouldn’t make it to where I am now because my Dad abandoned us. I pray that God blesses my sponsors”

Winne – WE Educate, sponsored child

“WE Educate has helped me a lot. Since my Daddy’s death, they have met my
school fees and requirements. My mum has not been bothered to pay our school fees, which
I really thank God for that, she would have not been able to pay for me.  If it was not for WE
Educate, maybe I would not be in school. I thank God am at school studying.”

Daniel – We Educate sponsored child

Tessa copy

“Our world is filled with injustices that have fallen outside the of Gods design for humanity. I am here to use my voice for the women who are voiceless – those trapped in a life of violence and slavery. If we take a collective approach to serve the underserved. Represent the underrepresented, and link arms with the broken. Freedom and justice for ALL women will follow!”


image_6483441 (2)
Sarah B
(University of Wisconsin Intern 2018-2019)

“WE International is a great opportunity to get hands on experience working for a wonderful nonprofit. They put their trust in you and let you lead in the position you are working in. You can tell from day one that it is a positive work environment and that you will be treated with  respect from the people that are there to help you grow.”