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In 2021 WE International will be doing a Trek to End Trafficking. The Trek will take place in Nepal, where participants will Trek to Everest Base Camp - a total of 80.77 miles! This will be a life changing experience not only for those trekking but for those it will impact...women and children affected by human trafficking.

A 16 day journey with one goal – to end human trafficking. Trekkers will hike to the Mount Everest Base Camp in the beautiful country of Nepal. Participants will also be raising money for programs that address Gender Based Violence prevention and survivor services.
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about the trek

Live a better story!

At WE International we are about helping people in less developed countries live better stories and encouraging those around us to live better stories. When we help others, we help ourselves!

With this, we invite you to The Trek to End Trafficking! A trek to the Mount Everest Base Camp is an amazing trek and often listed as one of the best treks in the world.  A bucket list experience that will make a difference in your life and more importantly in the lives of women and girls that are victims of sex trafficking.

Come join us in this lifetime experience!

16 days, 1 mission:
to end human trafficking

The trek will take place around one of the natural wonders of the world – Mount Everest! Participants will trek to Everest Base Camp in the beautiful nation of Nepal.
The official dates are TBD, due to COVID19, but likely March 2020.
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Modern day slavery is one of the gravest human rights violations of our time! As such, the greatest assault against women is that more is not being done to address gender-based-violence! It is why WE International exists – it’s why we are doing the Trek to End Trafficking advocacy event. In the words of Emma Lazarus, the American Jewish activist, ‘Until we are all free, we are non of us free.”

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“Our world is filled with injustices that have fallen outside the of Gods design for humanity. I am here to use my voice for the women who are voiceless – those trapped in a life of violence and slavery. If we take a collective approach to serve the underserved. Represent the underrepresented, and link arms with the broken. Freedom and justice for ALL women will follow!”