Team WE

WE are a community of people from diverse backgrounds and nations, working together to address injustices facing women and children in less developed countries. WE are a very team-oriented organization that celebrates both in our differences and in our shared values while building lasting relationships with one another.

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Don Millis
President and CEO

Don has furthered WEI’s economic empowerment and social justice efforts by representing WEI in visits to Uganda to help with the WE Restore initiative and to the Congo to help establish a relationship with a fistula hospital.  Don also participated in the WE Challenge Advocacy Climb in 2018 to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Don has a bachelor’s degree (Political Science and Journalism) and a law degree, both from University of Wisconsin.

Lilian Kahite
Board Secretary

Lilian loves the work of WE International because she shares a heart of wanting to help women gain opportunities to become independent and enhance their lives and those of their families. Lilian graduated from Lakeland College with an MBA and a B.S. in Accounting.

Alex Goellner
Board Member

Alex was first introduced to WE International in 2013 when he volunteered for a service trip to Uganda. Since then, he has been a big supporter of the work that WE International does and has participated in additional service trips to Uganda as well as WEI’s advocacy climb to Mount Kilimanjaro. Alex is a graduate of Upper Iowa University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is currently working on his Master’s degree in finance from Rockford University.

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Euphrase Amessoudji
Board Member

Euphrase is a native of Togo (West Africa).  In addition to moving to the US from Togo, he has also traveled to Ghana and Benin. Euphrase loves serving on the Board of Directors for WEI as he shares a passion for the work that WEI is doing in the developing world to fight injustice and poverty. He received his B.S. (economics) and M.B.A from University Du Benin (Lome, Togo) as well as his Masters in Accounting from Tulane University in New Orleans.

Laura Breu
Board Member

Live curious, love ’til it hurts, then keep on loving! Dr. Breu was a part of the initial idea seed that grew into WE International. What started as a love for traveling and learning from different cultures, became a passion to intertwine her story with those different from herself. She sees value and beauty created when conversations are opened and the lines of marginalization crossed. She is driven by a love for humanity and hatred of injustice centered in the creator. Laura received a bachelor’s in International Service with a regional focus of Africa and minor in Theology from Valparaiso University, master’s in International Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin Madison, and a bachelor’s of science in nursing from the University of Nevada Reno. She loved the field of nursing so much that she furthered her education to receive a master’s degree in nursing and then a doctorate in nursing practice. She now works as a family nurse practitioner and travels every chance she gets.

Caroline Wafula
Director of WE Restore Home

Caroline is the Director of the WE Restore Home in Uganda and loves to see the girls’ lives transformed and restored through their time at the home! She has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and is the wife of Robert Wafula, the founding Director for WEI Uganda.

Samual Okorth
Managing Director WEI Uganda

Sam is WEI’s Managing Director in Uganda and enjoys having the opportunity to build relationships with those that WEI serves! Before joining staff with WEI, Sam completed Discipleship Training (YWAM) at University of Nations in Kampala.

Janessa Peterson
WE USA Volunteer Coordinator

Janessa is the glue of WE International on so many levels and makes the work of WE run smoothly and efficiently! One of her favorite aspects of working with WE International is “hearing the stories of healing and restoration in the testimonies of the women involved in our WE Restore program”. She appreciates having the ability to serve the vulnerable and those facing injustice across the world through the work that WE International does. Janessa graduated from UW-Madison with a BS in Social Welfare and a certificate in Criminal Justice. She is also currently getting a Master’s degree for Clinical Social Work.

Emma Gleed
WE USA Administrative Manager

Emma is a UW-Madison Undergraduate student majoring in Community and Nonprofit leadership with certificates in Global Health and Graphic Design. She expects to graduate in December 2022 and begin a Masters in Nonprofit Management and Public Administration. Emma is passionate about working to address global health inequities and injustices throughout the world, and loves that she is able to put this passion to work at WE International.