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From its inception, WE International has been about addressing sexual-based violence and human trafficking of women and girls. WEI has supported and/or started programs in Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Congo (DRC), Lebanon, and Uganda.

At WE International we are about empowering and strengthening women. We believe that when we empower women, communities are transformed. In many parts of the world women suffer the most. WE International works towards empowering women in two major ways:

  1. WEI helps rescue women from sex trafficking, gender-based violence, oppression, and poverty.

  2. WEI empowers women through microfinance, entrepreneur training, and education.​

Uganda – WE Restore Aftercare Center

In 2020-21 we are seeking to establish a new aftercare center in Uganda.

Approximate cost for phase one: $36,000 to establish a new restorative home in Uganda. This budget includes rent, furnishings, and staff for one year.

Approximate cost for phase two: $200,000 to build a home in Uganda in the next two years. Building a home as opposed to buying a home is much more economical.

The Need:
Uganda lies at the heart of the African Great Lakes region and sits on the shores of Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria.

Uganda is an important destination in the region for trade and tourism. However, growing economic disparity and lack of employment opportunities have also resulted in making the population vulnerable to the crime of human trafficking. Traffickers in Uganda often use threats and violence to compel victims to engage in commercial sex acts or to work in their businesses. The criminal justice system in the country is not yet adequately equipped to deal with this serious crime. In the absence of a credible risk of jail time, traffickers are emboldened to prey on victims with impunity.

Phase 1
Phase 2

The Feminine Hygiene Initiative Program

WEI works to address this need by educating girls and women regarding feminine health through increased knowledge and sustainable practices. Our program participants receive sexual education through lesson plans, gaining knowledge regarding the female reproductive system, including menstruation and safe sex options. Accompanying the education, participants learn how to sew their own reusable sanitary pads as a sustainable way to increase their access to feminine products. These pads are a major tool for keeping young girls in school as lack of access to sanitary products often leads girls to fall behind in school and eventually drop out.

Medical support to Survivors – Congo (DRC)

WEI is helping fund fistula surgeries and restorative counseling for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Survivors of rape or those with an obstetric fistula typically have serious medical problems. The majority are often abandoned by their husbands and can be ostracized by their communities. The psychological trauma and sense of shame, which are frequently accompanied by psycho-social struggles and isolation, tend to overwhelm the survivor. Through WEI’s partnership, a hospital in the DRC identifies survivors and connects them with vital medical, psychological, social, and spiritual restorative care.

WE Restore Home

“I have been rescued from the street and I now know how to pray”

WE Restore Home

“I was so abusive and had no respect for anyone-not even my family. I have stopped all that through the good counsel I get at WE Restore Home.”

WE Restore Home

“I was homeless, now I have got a place I call home. I have been fed and loved at WE Restore Home”

WE Restore Home

“We Restore Home rescued me from the streets and I now have new parents and sisters. I am loved.”

WE Restore Home

“Through We Restore Home I learnt how to pray”

WE Restore Home

“I have learnt more about how God loves me and have attained skills in hair dressing”

WE Restore Home

“I feel loved and I have attained skills in tailoring”

WE Restore Home

“I feel loved and cared for, the people of We Restore Home are so kind”