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Animal Stock Sponsorship

WE International’s Animal Stock Sponsorship Program, WE Sustain, identifies those in need of sustainable income, skill development, and food security in Uganda and then allows donors to purchase animals for these individuals and communities.

This process can can generate income, provide a source of protein, aid in developing animal care skills, and give the community a continued and sustainable source of development.​

WE Sustain offers the opportunity for a community to grow by meeting nutritional needs, creating new economic possibilities, and increasing self-sufficiency.​

We focus on relationships among members to strengthen existing ties in the community. This includes giving the first female offspring of an animal to another member of the community and providing a place for individuals to share animal husbandry knowledge with each other.

WEI also focuses on gifting animals to those marginalized within a community, focusing especially on women and ethnic minorities. This program directly provides income, food security, and opportunities for future employment with the skills learned.

By improving access to capital, animal-care education, and women empowerment in the agricultural sector, we can create a real change in the structure of agriculture and aid in the livelihoods of these communities.