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More Than a Van

WE Restore women standing outside of van.

UPDATE – WE International recently purchased a van, with the help from generous donors, for our girl survivors of sex trafficking who are finding restoration at our WE Restore Aftercare home in Uganda. The van is not only used as a means of affordable transportation that helps women avoid the long distance walk that it takes to get to the home, but also grants security for these girls. When the girls walk along the streets leading up to the Aftercare Center, they can encounter many threats to their safety. Many of the areas they walk through are risky and dangerous, with men harassing them as they walk and perpetuating the culture of shame and guilt directed towards survivors of sexual exploitation. If the women were to avoid the walk and choose to pay for their transportation, the cheapest option would be using a “boda boda,” a type of motorcycle where individuals can jump on the back and get a ride. The issue surrounding “boda bodas” is that they can frequently get into accidents and don’t provide a sustainable way for women to get transportation to the center. For all these reasons, WE International donated a van to the center in order to protect women, provide transportation, and ensure that the well-being of Ugandan women is a top priority.

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